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Event Name: Mt Taylor Bike Festival
Event Location: Mount Taylor MTB Park
Event Date(s): 16/06/2018 - 17/06/2018
Online registration opens on:   1/04/2018 at 8:30 AM (VIC time)
Online registration closes on:   27/04/2018 at 8:30 PM (VIC time)

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Event Organiser: Gippsland MTB Inc.
Contact Name: N/A
Contact Phone Number: N/A
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Are you ready for the Mt Taylor MTB Festival? Two days of MountainBiking in some of East Gippsland's best trails will all the classics thrown into one weekend! In its first year as a festival we will be running a 3hr Cross country Twilight enduro as well as a 1hr Cross Country Enduro for the juniors. To add to this we are running a shuttle day all of Saturday so you can get to the top of your favourite gravity trail and smash out runs all day long followed by a 2 stage Gravity Enduro on Sunday! 

Mt Taylor 3 Hour Twilight Enduro
The Mt Taylor 3hr Twilight Enduro is back for another year featuring the classic XC course run on dusk. This means we start the race in daylight and finish in the dark adding a new aspect to the race as it progresses so riding lights are a must! On top of this we are running a 1hr enduro for any Juniors under the age of 15 ideal for those who want to have a crack at their first race! 
The race course is approximately 5km in tenth and features mostly single track. 

Mt Taylor Gravity Shuttle Day
Do you want to spend a day smashing downhill runs but aren't interested in racing? Well this is for you! All day shuttles to the top of your favourite trail, giving you access to both the Downhill and Flow trails so that you can smash trails all day long with your mates! 

Mt Taylor Gravity Enduro
Gravity fanatic and love to race? This is for you! All day shuttle pass for Saturday so you can practice the course, with practice again on Sunday morning followed by racing starting late morning. This 2 stage race will include the Mt Taylor Flow Trail as stage one and Mt Taylor Downhill Track as stage two. You will have one attempt to set your fastest time down each trail, and the shortest combined time of the two stages wins! And don't worry about having to ride between stages like the Enduro World Series, here you get shuttled back to the top so you can save your energy for the race! Fullface Helmet Required! 

Saturday 28th April
8:30am - Registration Opens 
9:00am - Gravity Shuttles Start
3:30pm - Gravity Shuttles Stop/Registration Closes
3:45pm - Rider Briefing (3hr/1hr Twilight Enduro) 
4:00pm - Race Start (3hr/1hr Twilight Enduro) 
5:00pm - 1hr Twilight Enduro finish
7:00pm - 3hr Twilight Enduro finish
7:30pm - Presentations (Twilight Enduro) 

Sunday 29th April
8:00am - Registration Opens/Practice Starts
10:30am - Registration Closes/Practice ends
10:45am - Race Briefing (Gravity Enduro) 
11:00am - Race Start Stage One 
12:30pm - Race Start Stage Two
2:00pm - Presentations

When: Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th April 2018
Where: Mt Taylor MTB Park 
Bring: Bike in working order, gloves, helmet, glasses/goggles. Fullface helmet (Gravity Enduro). Riding Lights (Twilight Enduro) 
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