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Event Name: 2020 Crank'D Cycles Gravity Enduro - Round 1
Event Location: Douglas, Townsville
Event Date(s): 12/07/2020 - 12/07/2020
Online registration opens on:   26/06/2020 at 6:00 PM (QLD time)
Online registration closes on:   10/07/2020 at 11:59 PM (QLD time)
Registration Fees:   From $25.00 to $40.00

Event Contact Details

Event Organiser: Townsville Rockwheelers
Contact Name: Grant Cooper
Contact Phone Number: 0401695849
Contact Email:
Event Website:


For more information visit:

Riders briefing

Welcome everyone Round 1 Townsville Rockwheelers Crank'd cycles Gravity Enduro series

Due to MTBA COVID -19 Guidelines there will be no riders brief on the day so consider this brief as you would hear us announce immediately prior to the race. Read through it and message the Townsville Gravity Enduro Facebook page with any questions.

Thank You to Matt and the team at Crank’d Cycles for coming on board as naming rights sponsor for another year without hesitation and always providing us with some sick prizes to race for.

The Course:

  • As is to be expected at Gravity Enduro events, the course is rocky and technical so care is needed. Not all features will have B lines. If you have to walk a feature always be aware there might be a rider close behind you.
  • All riders must stay on the course, both competition and transition stages. With many trails being used it is imperative for riders to stay on course and complete the stages in the correct order.
  • The course has been bunted at junctions to allow riders to follow the Competition stages easily. The transition stages are not bunted but all riders should have read course details to help navigate the course.  If in doubt ask a marshal, Screen shot the post on the GE Facebook page, refer to Trial Forks or grab a copy from the timing tent.

(Elites please be careful when crossing live competition stage at Towerlink Taipan junction when transitioning up backside and after stage 4 finish when transitioning to stage 5)

  • To comply with COVID restrictions Elite riders will leave first at 7:00am sharp with groups of no more than 20 leaving at 5 minute intervals followed up by the juniors.
  • Riders should leave the start in Approx 15-20 sec gaps or use your best judgment. Riders can go in any order to ride with mates.  Riders are to self-seed. If you are caught by a following rider, they are to call for track and you are required to slow or quickly stop and allow them past. If you catch a slower rider it is up to you to make sure the pass is done safely.
  • The race today will be timed using an automated timing system. If you haven’t used it before hold back and watch an experienced rider go first. Beep in at the start and don’t forget to beep out at the finish. The strap is adjustable so pull them tight so they don’t come off. Riders may be liable for lost chips and you won’t receive a time. Marshalls will be available at the first course to assist and remind you to do so.  After that you are on your own. Make sure it beeps. No Beep No Time.
  • Riders have approx. 4 hours (until 11:00am) to finish the course. Time penalties may apply after this time.
  • Riders are responsible for supplying their race number and timing chip to the timing tent as soon as possible after you finish.
  • All courses must be completed on the same bike.
  • No motorised shuttles are allowed. All stages must be accessed under the riders own effort.
  • Riders must wear helmets at all times while riding. Full face helmets and knee protection are compulsory on timed stages. Riders can use trail helmets or remove chin protection for non-timed sections of the course.

Competition Guidelines:
1. Riders must compete in all rounds (3) to be eligible to win the series.
2. Riders must complete the course in an allocated time (time given at briefings) to register a result.
3. All stages of a round must be completed on the same bike.
4. No motorised shuttles for any rounds. All transition stages are to be ridden.
5. Riders must wear a helmet at all times, including transition stages.*
6. No shortcutting.

*Note: All Races will require Full Face Helmets and Knee Pads

There will be 8 classes to nominate for:

  • Under 14 (13), $1000 discount code given to rider from Race Director after approval 
  • Under 19 (14-18)
  • Female (19+)
  • Open Male (19-29)
  • Vets (30-44)
  • Masters (45+)
  • Elites Female
  • Elites Male
  • Open E-bike

Registration Price: $40 (U 14,19's: $25)
Rockwheelers Members will receive a code entitling them to 20% off
For Junior discount approval, contact Grant Cooper,

To keep the series competition close we will be using a ranking system to decided series winners. Points will be awarded based on finishing position. (eg a rider that places 2nd, 10th, 7th will be ranked 19) The lowest ranking wins the series.

If a rider loses a time due to assisting a seriously injured rider, and is verified by a marshal, the rider will receive his series average for that round (eg, if his other results were 5 & 7, he would receive 6 for that round)

Stay tuned for more info. Courses will be announced closer to the date...

We also are looking for some helpers on the day that won't be racing on the day. If you are available, let us know.

This event is "Online Registrations" only. There will be no registrations taken on the day.